Licenses get automatically deposited in the iLok user ID linked to your profile. 

If you were logged into our website during the purchase, maybe you haven't linked your iLok user ID yet. You can do it from your Neural DSP profile page. If it was already linked, please unlink it and then link it again. This can be done by clicking on the black 'X' button next to the iLok user ID.
If you made the purchase as a guest (without logging into the website), please check your email. You should have received an email for entering an iLok user ID. The license will be deposited automatically after entering a valid iLok user ID. 
We strongly encourage making sure the iLok user ID is correct.  Licenses could not be retrievable if they are delivered and activated on the wrong iLok account.

Remember you can download the plugin installers whenever you want from our Downloads page.