iLok is the platform that we use for distributing Neural DSP licenses. When you get a Neural DSP product, your code or activation is handled by iLok License Manager application.

Do I need an iLok USB dongle?

No, you don't! Only iLok License Manager application is needed. All of our products can be activated on your computer and/or iLok USB key. By the way, only iLok 2 or 3 will work for our products.

Why do I need an iLok account?

An ilok account is needed to register your serial number to the security database. Please create an iLok account for free at or within iLok License Manager software. You can deposit your licenses from your iLok account rather to your computer or iLok USB dongle (optional). This will be asked during the activation prompt pop-up that appears after installation while opening your DAW. You can also use iLok License Manager application on your computer to redeem your serial number and to transfer your license from a computer to an iLok USB key or the other way around.

Take a look at our iLok Glossary to look deeper at all the iLok License Manager features.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Accessibility

Many keyboard shortcuts were added to significantly improve accessibility and voiceover support. Keyboard shortcuts can help you quickly navigate through the iLok License Manager application.