Connect a MIDI device

Connect the MIDI Out port to a MIDI In port on a MIDI interface, and connect the MIDI In port on the footswitch/keyboard to a MIDI Out port on the MIDI interface using MIDI cables.

Connecting MIDI devices to your computer:

Can I use USB MIDI devices?

Of course, you can!

Just connect your external MIDI device straight to the USB ports of your computer by using a USB cable.

What kind of MIDI devices are compatible with Neural DSP plug-ins?

Any external MIDI device capable of sending CC, PC or note commands. Check our Glossary to look deeper into those terms. 

What about the MIDI Thru port?

The MIDI Thru port replicates the signals coming into the MIDI IN port of the device. It’s better to use a direct connection from the computer MIDI Out port to a device, rather than chaining too many units, one after the other. Doing so can cause timing problems in the chain if numerous MIDI commands are sent quickly, due to the slight delays introduced by each MIDI Into MIDI Thru transaction. As such, a multi-input/output MIDI interface is recommended in studios with several MIDI tone generators and controllers.

MIDI setup with Neural DSP plug-ins

Making work your external MIDI device with Neural DSP can't be easier. 

Open the standalone version of the product and click on the cogwheel icon to check the audio settings.

Then, just click on the little square in order to able the external MIDI device in the list.

OK... but what about setting up MIDI devices in my DAW?

The procedures are different in each of them. Take a look at the custom guides here!