Tap over a cab block to open its parameters.

Tap over the Impulse selector box to open the drop-down menu. Scroll down and tap “Load IR”. Here you can find all the IR files you own in the Impulse Responses folder.

Is your "Impulse Responses" folder empty? Check the following instructions to upload IR files to the Cortex Cloud and import them to your Quad Cortex unit.


Uploading Impulse Responses

To add IRs to your Quad Cortex you need to use the IR Library on our website.

  • Login to your Neural DSP account.

  • Click on your profile picture.

  • Click on IR Library.

  • Drag-and-drop impulse response files from your computer to the upload area. Alternatively use the “Upload” button.

  • Click on Save to finish.

IMPORTANT: The maximum supported length for IR files is 1024 samples (21 milliseconds approx).

Importing Impulse Responses

  • On your Quad Cortex, open the Directory and navigate to the Impulse Responses folder beneath Cloud Directories.
  • Tap the Download button on the IRs you'd like to use, or tap the Download all button at the top to download all available IRs to your Quad Cortex at once. 
  • IRs will be downloaded to the Impulse Responses folder beneath Device Directories and will fill any available slots. You can rearrange them by dragging-and-dropping.

Downloading all IRs at once will overwrite all IR files with the same name.