Rescanning plug-ins (macOS & Windows)

Please set Studio One to read that folder and rescan your plugins. In Studio One is called "Delete Blacklist and rescan".

If you have tried every path, be sure you have also clicked the button to RESET BLACKLIST.

Since the authorization went wrong in the first place, Studio One might have blacklisted it. These are the steps for plugin Rescan:

  •  Launch Studio One (Windows users: right click > Run as administrator).
  •  Go to Studio One > Options (PC) / Preferences (Mac) > Locations > VST Plug-Ins tab, and make sure the following paths are listed (if they are not, add them).
  •  Check-mark “Scan at startup”, press “Reset Blacklist” and restart Studio One.

If the Plug-In still doesn't show up:

In Windows, close Studio One after making sure that "Scan at startup" is checked and Reinstall the Plug-In with the exception of adding a subfolder containing it (example: C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\"Custom Folder Name").