In Stomp Mode, blocks get automatically assigned to footswitches in the order they were added to The Grid. 

Tap the “Assigned to D*” button to allocate the block to another footswitch.

Tap the "X" button to unassign the block from its current footswitch. 



In the following example, you can see five blocks assigned to different footswitches. Press the footswitches in order to engage or disengage the blocks:

*The yellow letter-circles are not part of the actual Quad Cortex display.

Once a block is assigned to a footswitch, the LED will illuminate correspond to the color of the assigned block.

The first eight blocks created in the Preset will be assigned to footswitches automatically. If your preset has more than eight blocks, you have to assign the ones you want to control manually.


Navigating through Presets 

While using the Stomp mode, press the up or down footswitches to navigate through Presets.

Press and hold either the up or down footswitch to navigate through Banks. The Preset name and active footswitch will also blink intermittently. To confirm the change, press the blinking footswitch