A setlist can contain 32 banks of 8 Presets. You can create up to 10 Setlists. This feature allows you to categorize your Presets by band, project, album, or anything else!

To create a new Setlist, tap the active Preset name at the top of The Grid to open the Directory. Then tap the “New Setlist” button at the top-right corner. Give your Setlist a name, then tap “Create” at the bottom-right corner.

By default, Presets will save in the active Setlist. When you save a Preset, you have the option to specify the Setlist where you would like to save the Preset.

To change the active Setlist, open the Directory, navigate to the Setlist you’d like to activate, then load a Preset in it by tapping one of the banks, then one of the Presets on the right.

To delete a Setlist, you can drag-and-drop it from the Device Directories list to the upper-right corner of the screen. You will receive a warning dialog asking for confirmation to complete the action.

Deleting a Setlist will also remove all Presets inside.