Switching Modes

You can switch between modes by tapping the name of the mode currently active at the top-right of The Grid, or by pressing the furthest-right footswitches on the bottom two rows together.


Scene Mode

Press the footswitches to navigate through the different scenes. You can see the currently active scene as a letter block in the upper-right corner. Once you have activated a Scene, change the parameters of any device you have added to The Grid. 

A modified parameter will be linked to the current Scene automatically. Tap the ABCD icon to unlink. Removing the assignment will restore the value from the main Scene. 

When creating a new Preset, Scene A is the default Scene. To change a Preset's default Scene, just save the Preset with another Scene loaded. 



Scene A (Footswitch A) bypasses the compressor, drive, and reverb blocks for a dry rhythm tone. 

Scene B (Footswitch B) toggles the compressor and drive but leaves the reverb pedal bypassed. 

Scene C (Footswitch C) engages all the blocks in the row for a soaring lead guitar tone. 


Navigating through Presets 

While using the Scene mode, press the up or down footswitches to navigate through Presets.

Press and hold either the up or down footswitch to navigate through Banks. The Preset name and active footswitch will also blink intermittently. To confirm the change, press the blinking footswitch


Copy & Paste Scenes

You can copy the settings of a Scene and paste them into another Scene. 

Press and hold the footswitch corresponding to the Scene you want to copy until the popup appears (1.5. seconds). Next, press the footswitch corresponding to the destination Scene. 

If you want to cancel the whole operation, tap the CANCEL button.