Turning on your Quad Cortex

To turn Quad Cortex on, connect the power cable to the input on the back and wait for it to power up.


Connecting your Gear

Before connecting your instrument, make sure the volume knob is turned down.

Connect your instrument to Input 1.

Connect your studio monitors, PA, or FRFR cabinet to Outputs 1 & 2. Alternatively, if you want to use Headphones, connect them to the Headphones Output.


Changing Modes

Tap the name of the mode currently active at the top-right of the display or press the furthest-right footswitches on the bottom two rows together.


Browsing Presets

While in Preset Mode, press A-H stomp switches to switch Presets.

Press the Up/Down stomp-switches to navigate through Banks. Press the A-H stomp-switches twice to confirm.



Press and hold the bottom-right stomp switch to activate the Tuner.

  • Frequency Selector (Hz): Modifies the tuner reference (440Hz by default).
  • Input Selector: Determines which input the tuner will listen to (Input 1 by default).


The Grid

We call the screen where you can add blocks to build a virtual rig, “The Grid”.

The Grid has four rows of eight device block spaces. Almost all the items on the screen can be controlled by using gestures, rotary actuators, and dedicated commands.


I/O Settings

Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the I/O Settings menu. Here you can visualize and control the settings of inputs and outputs.

Unused inputs are grey; used inputs are white. Plug something in and see a grey input instantly change to white. Use gestures or the rotary actuators to modify their parameters.


Power Options

Press the power button for a second and release it. This action will pop up a window with different functions:

  • CANCEL: Tap to close the Power Functions window.
  • SHUT DOWN: Quad Cortex will shut down. If you want to turn Quad Cortex on again, tap the power switch for a second and release it.
  • REBOOT: Quad Cortex will reboot. Note that any unsaved changes will be lost if you change the power state.
  • STANDBY: All audio outputs will disable and the screen will turn off. Tap and hold the power switch for a second and release it in order to wake Quad Cortex and re-enable audio outputs.