Switching Modes

You can switch between modes by tapping the name of the mode currently active at the top-right of The Grid, or by pressing the furthest-right footswitches on the bottom two rows together.


Preset Mode

Preset Mode gives you instant access to eight virtual rigs

Press the A to H footswitches to navigate through the presets.


Navigating through Banks

Press the up and down footswitches to navigate through banks of presets in your Setlist.

The bank number and Preset name will change immediately after you press the up or down footswitches. The Preset name and active footswitch will also blink intermittently. To confirm the change, press the blinking footswitch again.

If you want to load another Preset in the new bank instead, press the corresponding footswitch twice

To cancel the whole operation, press the TEMPO footswitch (red LED).