• Open Reaper, go to Options > Preferences… > MIDI Devices and check that your device is recognized at MIDI inputs and MIDI outputs.

  • Double click on your device at MIDI inputs, check Enable input from this device and Enable input for control messages. Then double click on your device at MIDI outputs and check Enable output to this device. There’s a video that goes through this.

  • Create two tracks. Insert the VST2 version of the Plugin on the first track. Then go to the second track and make it a sub-track of the first one by drag-and-drop or by clicking on the folder icon at the bottom-left corner of the track:

  • Go to the second track and set the input as your MIDI device (Input MIDI > All MIDI inputs > All channels ). You can also make a send from the MIDI track to the Plugin track.

  • Enable monitoring and check if the track receives an input signal when you send notes/PC/CC messages. It should get registered on both tracks:

  • You can record some notes/PC messages to check if everything is routed correctly:

After this, you just need to map your presets/parameters using the MIDI learn function or the MIDI mappings window. You can also use this method to automate preset changes through notes/PC messages. Keep in mind that there may be an offset of notes/MIDI messages between the DAW and the Plugin (example: C2 on the Plugin = C0 on the DAW, PC0 on the Plugin = PC1 on the DAW).