Channel (MIDI): Allows to send different messages to multiple devices using the same MIDI signal.

Continuous Controller/Control Change (CC): MIDI message capable of transmitting a range of values (0 to 127). Can be used to control parameters like volume and pitch, as well as interface elements like knobs and expression pedals. 

Note Command: MIDI message that transmits the information of a specific note being played, as well as for how long it's pressed (note-on/note-off), how hard it was played (velocity), and the channel in which is played.

MIDI Mapping: Action of assigning different notes, PC, or CC messages to parameters, presets, or interface elements.

Program Change/Program Control (PC): MIDI messages generally used to switch between presets.

Parameter (MIDI): Specific function with a fixed number of variables, usually found in the form of volume, pan, pitch, etc. 

Value (MIDI): Number between the variables of a parameter.