Rescanning plug-ins (macOS only)

Try this to force a rescan by deleting the following file:

<User>/Library/Application Support/Universal Audio/workspace/AUPlug-Ins.json 

Note there are two library folders. To get access to the User Library folder:

  • Open Finder, reach the "Go" menu at the top and press and hold the ALT key.
  • Then, click on the Library icon in the dropdown menu.

Finally, empty the recycle bin and re-launch LUNA.

About LUNA, iLok and Neural DSP plugins

All our plugins can run, bounce, automate, and work in both mono & stereo mode. The display, different sizes, and overall CPU usage are great in this DAW too.
By the way, take a look at the following tips:
  • Neural DSP AU files are supported (64-bit only). VST plug-ins are not supported in LUNA.
  • LUNA requires iLok to work too. You have to link your Universal Audio account with your iLok account. Right after that, a license will be activated in your iLok Cloud.
  • If you bought your UAD audio interface by second hand, you have to synchronize your interface with your Universal Audio account to make the DAW work.
  • If you can't see your Neural DSP and other 3rd party plug-ins in the INSERT menu, you have to deactivate the ARM mode (Accelerated Realtime Monitoring) by clicking the button located on the left side in the Mixer ViewThe ARM feature is available for UAD native plugins only.