When you make a purchase through our site, we will send you an Order Confirmation email with your activation code and a link to download your software installers. In case of any issue, please contact our sales team at payments@neuraldsp.com

Note that Neural DSP and iLok are different accounts. Full licenses for Neural DSP products are delivered automatically to your iLok account after purchasing. So, make sure your iLok account is created and linked to your Neural DSP account before completing the checkout. If you don’t have one please create an account here.

Then, you can administer your licenses through the iLok License Manager application.


Where are my past orders?

As you might have noticed, our online store changed on July 05th, 2020.

Some orders prior to July 05th, 2020 might not appear in your customer area. This is due to a known issue with the migration from the previous shopping system. You’ll still be able to log in to your account using the same credentials as before. In fact, you will notice some very cool new features in your customer area.

If you still need support for an older order that is not under your user profile, you may continue to contact our sales team at payments@neuraldsp.com and we will assist you right away!

We thank you for your understanding and support in our intention of making a better shopping experience for you!