Rescanning plug-ins (macOS & Windows)

In FL Studio, missing plugins can be scanned in by adding the plugin path associated with the plugin installation.

Open Fl Studio, click "Add" and select "Manage Plugins". Next, click "Start Scan" on the top left of the Plugin Manager window.

Note: On Windows, our plugins are installed to C:\Program Files\Vstplugins by default.

Unless you set the File Settings > Manage plugins > Verify plugins switch, FL Studio will perform a 'fast scan'.

We recommend 'Find plugins' (with 'Verify plugins' ticked) to perform a complete scan that categorizes plugins as generators (instruments) or effects. FL Studio will add scanned plugins to the pop-up lists that appear when you use the Channel Rack > Menu > Add one optionChannel Rack + button, Main menu > Add option and Plugin database.