What do I need?

Our plug-ins are compatible with Windows and macOS computers only. To connect your instrument to the computer you will need a powered audio interface.

Can I use the plug-in on live scenarios?

Yes, you can! Just connect the interface output to the mixer and PA System (Public Address System) to make it work like a real gear. To control the plugin with MIDI devices, please check the PDF manual.

How can I record something? Is my computer compatible?

If you want to use the plug-in on audio sessions you will need a DAW. Please check the system requirements and DAW compatibility.

Start Settings

We recommend you to take a look at the audio settings before playing something.



Click on the cogwheel icon to change your audio settings. Also, make sure you are using the correct audio driver. You can improve latency and signal issues by adjusting the buffer size and sample rate as well.

If you're not sure about the optimal settings, try to replicate these:
  • Audio Device Type (Windows only): ASIO
  • Audio Input Device: (This will vary depending on your audio interface)
  • Audio Output Device: (Select the same device as above)
  • Audio Output Channels: L and R or 1 and 2
  • Audio Input Channels: Input 1 or 2 (Disable all the inputs you're not using)
  • Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
  • Buffer Size: 128 or 256 Samples

Why I'm getting ground noise and audio crackling?

To avoid ground noise and audio crackling, adjust the gain at your interface instrument input. Play as strong as you can and check if your signal doesn’t clip the input. You can improve CPU performance by using normal oversampling. Check our awesome optimization guides here!

Standalone & Plug-in

Our products are available in multiple formats.

All the installers include standalone versions for the products. They are perfect for practice on the go and live use. You can open them directly from your desktop!

What formats are available?

We provide multiple formats for the most popular DAWs as well:

  • VST2
  • VST3
  • AAX
  • AudioUnit

Are they available in both 32-bit & 64-bit?

Only legacy and old versions of Darkglass Ultra, Fortin Nameless Suite, Fortin NTS Suite, and Archetype: Plini are available in 32-bit. Since Parallax, our products and updates are available in 64-bit only. 

Presets, Updates & Uninstalling

Where are my preset files located?

You can find the XML files right here:

  • Windows: C:/ ProgramData / Neural DSP /
  • macOS: Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Presets / Neural DSP

How do I update my plug-ins?

We work every day to improve our plug-ins by uploading multiple updates, presets and additional content after the launch of each product. By the way, all the updates are for free.

To update your plugins, just download the updated installers from the downloads page on our website and run them. We recommend a clean install to make them work properly by uninstalling the previous versions (make sure to backup your user preset files first!).

How do I uninstall my plug-ins?

To uninstall, delete the files manually from your respective plugin format folders. For Windows, there is an uninstaller in the Control Panel.