Quad Cortex features multiple device block types. Once you have added a block to The Grid, tap it to open its menu.

Footswitches will light up and correspond to any rotary controls on the block you’ve added. Parameters such as gain can be controlled either by rotating the footswitch or interacting with the multi-touch display.

Depending on the device selected, some controls could not appear and the type could change as well (i.e. the parameter could be a knob or a switch).

  • GAIN

Controls the gain of the selected band.

  • FREQ

Sets the frequency of the selected band. 

  • Q

Attenuates or boosts a very narrow or wide range of frequencies within a single band.

  • +/-

Toggles the band on/off (8 bands available).


Tap them to highlight the band circles accordingly. Tap and hold on a band to change the type (Peak, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass, Hi-Shelf, and Lo-Shelf).


Once a band is enabled, you can drag it around the screen. This action will be reflected in the GAIN and FREQ parameters. 


This button bypasses the device block entirely.

  • HPF

Allows high frequencies to pass through while filtering or cutting low frequencies. 


Controls the overall volume of the EQ.