Rescanning plug-ins (macOS & Windows)

Since the authorization went wrong in the first place, Cubase might have blacklisted it. Try rescanning your plugins within Cubase after that at Plug-In Manager:

  • Open Cubase and open the Plug-in Manager found under the "Devices" tab.
  • Click the cogwheel icon to open the "Plug-in Manager Settings". Next, click the "Rescan All" button.

Please be sure the plugin is installed on the right folder and that Cubase is reading that folder (or create a new custom path), and then rescan the plugins again.

If the Plug-In still doesn't show up:

  • Close Cubase, uninstall the Plug-In, and reinstall it with the exception of adding a subfolder containing it (example: C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\"Custom Folder Name").
  • Re-scan your Plug-Ins and check if the issue persists.