What is a preset file?

A Neural DSP preset is a data file designed to recall the settings for all the sections of the plug-in.

Those files are written in Extensible Markup Language, also known as XML, which are commonly used to store and share presets in audio plug-ins.

Where are my presets located?

You can find your preset files in the following folders:

Windows: C:/ ProgramData / Neural DSP / 

MacOS: Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Presets / Neural DSP / 

How do they work?

This interface allows the user to save, import, and export preset files. The presets are saved as XML files and can be read by the parameters within the plug-in.


The diskette Icon on the left allows the user to save the current configuration as a preset file.

The trash bin icon allows the user to delete the active preset (This action cannot be undone). If you tweak an existing saved preset and you need to recall the saved version, just load another preset and load back the desired preset.

Clicking on the name of the modified preset once its loaded will NOT recall its values.

You can load compatible presets from other locations (XML files only).

Go to the magnifying glass icon on the presets toolbar to redirect you to your presets folder.

The arrow on the right side of the list displays a list of presets included by factory, artists, and the ones created by the user.

Click on them to navigate through the different presets.

Can I organize them in folders?

Yes, you can!

You can create custom folders to organize your presets under the main directory (Note you have to do this manually in the user preset folder itself). 

The dropdown menu will be updated the next time you open an instance of the plug-in.